Lifestyle and Purpose: You feel like you’re lost and you don’t know which step is next? Or you have a vision, you’re just not exactly sure how to get there? We will work on developing daily habits that push us in the direction we want to go. Through books, interactive exercises (yes, there will be some homework) and, actions we will create a plan that will provide the client with some clarity and motivation to take that next step.

College Advisement: Are you in high school and confused about how to navigate the college process? Are you in college and hate it? Are you trying to transfer and need help about what steps to take? Are you a first generation college student and everyone around you seems to get it, except you? This style of coaching will help clients prepare for deadlines and develop useful academic habits. We will work together to take the stress and pressure away from school, and focus on the fulfilling aspects. Joining clubs, sororities, finding jobs, and maintaining a social life can be difficult so let’s figure it out together.